How may I help you?

July 26, 2008

These are Sandra Yancey’s five favorite words, and one of the philosophies behind the eWomenNetwork.

In a world where most people are tuned in to WIIFM (what’s in it for me), opening with ‘how may I help you’ stands out. Personally I have found it to be a very effective business strategy. When I meet with a colleague, potential partner or client, and genuinely ask and listen for how I might be able to help them – I hear things I wouldn’t have heard on radio WIIFM.

I have been able to provide many colleagues with introductions to potential clients or referral partners. And because everything you send out comes back, I have received introductions in return that I would have never expected.

Look for what you can give, and the getting will always take care of itself.


Amazing Grace

July 26, 2008

Like millions of others, I watched Dr. Randy Pausch’s last lecture online and on television. I was incredibly touched and moved by his humanity, humor and grace. May he rest in peace. He has left an amazing legacy.

Defending your methods

July 13, 2008

It is curious to me how often, when I am working with a business person to impact their productivity, they will spend time defending their way of doing things. It is curious on two basic levels:

First, their methods are not under attack – so no defense is necessary.

Second, we are working together to create a breakthrough in their productivity – their capacity to fulfill on their vision, mission, and goals. There is nothing wrong with their methods. However, they are not getting where they want to go. Or, they are spending far too much time on other things which are getting in the way of what they want to accomplish.

Since time is one of our most precious commodities – why spend time on things that get in the way? What if you could just spend your time on the things that are the BEST use of your time and talents?

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