Are you doing someone else’s job?

August 31, 2008

Isn’t it curious that people who wouldn’t hesitate to hire an expert for many things will still try to do it all themselves in their businesses?

Most of us don’t try to do our own auto maintenance. Some of us wouldn’t dream of looking for a home to buy without the assistance of a realtor – and we certainly wouldn’t try to fund the purchase without a bank or mortgage broker.

Why do we think we can handle our own marketing, our own writing, our own bookkeeping, our own filing? And if we are really telling the truth, don’t we often procrastinate on those jobs – so that we are hopelessly behind on them? Then we feel bad, and think there must be something wrong with us – we are overwhelmed and can’t keep up with everything.

Everything goes faster when done by an expert.

How many of us know, just plain know, how important it is to build that database and follow up with all our contacts? And yet, how many of us are really doing it as it is meant to be done?

What do you think could happen if you hired someone (part time) to make phone calls for you? to set up appointments for you? to maintain your database, entering new contact information for you? to keep up with your filing? to do your bookkeeping? to run errands?

I don’t know about you, but I am only paid when I am meeting new contacts, making presentations, and working with clients. I am not paid to file, keep the books, do the marketing. And I sometimes try to do it myself – and then I remember I don’t get paid for that!

Do yourself and your business a favor – find at least one person who will take some part of this on for you. I bet you will be shocked and amazed at how easy life can become with you are working with a team.


Resisting change

August 11, 2008

Don’t you find it curious that we resist change, even when we know the change will result in something positive?

Changing the way we eat will have us be healthier (in most cases). Changing how we tackle some of our most routine tasks could result in completing the task in less time (or in no time, if we are willing to outsource it).

Altering the way we deal with our time, our schedule, can have an enormous impact on our productivity and level of satisfaction.

The pull of the routine is huge. Habitual action doesn’t require any real thinking. And how often does it actually impede the very result we are working toward?

Many people avoid certain actions because they view change as permanent. But what if you viewed it as a test of a different approach? An experiment to determine relative effectiveness?

You can always go back to the way you did it before…

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