Happy New Year and those pesky resolutions

December 30, 2008

At the end of the year, I usually rearrange some part of my office. In the process, I create a vision board for the new year, and spend time with a legal pad writing out my goals and roughly planning out my year. (I don’t make resolutions. I plan my accomplishments.)

A funny thing happened the other day. I was sitting at my desk, and a piece of paper on my vision board (on the wall beside my desk) began to flutter in the air from the overhead vent. I looked at the piece of paper – since it had caught my eye. It was the short list of  8 key outcomes for 2008 that I created at the end of 2007. This piece of paper has been in my view all year long. And, like many things that you see everyday – I had stopped really ‘seeing’ it. (Has that ever happened to you?)

Anyway – I turned my head to read the page. It was absolutely fascinating! Of the 8 key outcomes I created last year, 4 have been fully realized, and the other 4 are well underway. Not a single one of them has gone out of existence over the past year!

Full disclosure – I missed my target date for some of them, but never stopped the action.

So, I will be spending New Year’s Day sitting in my very comfortable chair, with my notebook, dreaming up my desired outcomes for 2009. And, like last year, once I have finished creating the outcomes, a copy of them will go on the new vision board, and I will be figuring out exactly how* I am going to get them done.

* OK, I can never figure out exactly how I am going to get them done, but I can figure out the first several steps to take. So I will plan out those steps, and will go from there…

What are you going to accomplish in 2009?


Do you slow down at the end of the year?

December 13, 2008

Are you one of those people who slows down as the end of the year approaches? Do you keep on going at the same pace as before? Or do you pour on the gas, and go full speed ahead?

I hear people saying ‘it is the end of the year, everyone is already in holiday mode, so there is no point continuing my marketing’.  Really??

In an earlier post I said you get what you focus on. I am focusing on business. I am focusing on how I can make a difference for my clients. I am focusing on what my clients need now.  As a result, I have more business coming in, more business to do this month, and am already scheduling work in January and February. Happy Holidays indeed!

It has been a LONG year, and in many ways a very tough one for many of us (me included). When I look around, what I see got me through was a clear plan, and an absolute refusal to allow the circumstances to dictate my results. My approach may have been modified to dance with the circumstances, but the point is I modified the approach – I didn’t abandon the plan!

How is your plan coming?

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