Getting out of a slump

January 23, 2012
Have you ever found yourself in a bit of a slump? You know, you are taking the actions but getting no result? What was working last month isn’t working this month? And sometimes it just feels like you are going through the motions? You are tired, maybe even a little dis-spirited, and cleaning the floors looks like a really good idea…

I find myself looking out the window a lot on those days, daydreaming, and have to make a conscious effort to pull my mind, body, and spirit back to the task at hand.

Am I the only one? Have you been there, too?

I know that my ‘slump’ is related to bringing something new into existence. It is much harder to get something started than to keep it going once it has gained some momentum. I have heard it said that a plane uses up 60% of its fuel just getting off the ground.

Maybe that’s why it feels like this… So, what to do?

Here are some of techniques I use to get myself back to feeling (and being) productive:

  • Take a short break. Use the break to review the overall strategy and plan. What’s the bigger picture? Sometimes just getting a different perspective is all that you need to refill your energy stores.
  • Do something else for a while. Set an alarm and tackle a bunch of other tasks on your schedule for a little while. You can often break the mental pattern by motoring through a bunch of small, very achievable tasks. Take on something you KNOW you can get done in the next 30 minutes or so. You will get a burst of energy when it is done.
  • Brainstorm with a buddy or mentor. Talking it through with another person is often a great idea! Especially when your mind is going in circles.

I promise you, your energy will return, your enthusiasm for what you are working on will come back, and you will move forward.

As long as you keep going, you will get there!

The only way to lose ultimately, is to quit. And you aren’t a quitter.

Now, go outside and take a little walk. Enjoy the day. Remind yourself that life is really bigger than this little hiccup.

Because, really, It is about having a life, after all!

(c) 2012, Terry Monaghan

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