The curse of “I know that”

Part of an ongoing program I am in is regularly scheduled, live Q&A calls. All the calls are already in my calendar. And, still, I receive reminder emails the day before the calls which confirm all the details.

So, there was a call scheduled for this Thursday (already in my calendar). And the reminder arrived via email on Wednesday. I glanced at the reminder to check if the phone number had changed. It hadn’t.

So, I dialed into the call at the scheduled time (which was already in my calendar), but there was no one there! I tried several times over a 20 minute period – I figured I must have mis-dialed, or there was a problem with the line.

Obviously it could not have been my error. I had the dates, times and phone numbers already in my calendar.

Then I looked at the reminder one more time. ARRGGGHH! The time had been changed this one time. I had completely missed that – never even saw it! I read it, but didn’t read it – if you know what I mean.

Because I already “knew” when the call was.

Now, I wonder what else am I missing because I already “know?”


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